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Sean Abley, Playwright, “Zombie Hearts Never Beat”

by Tech Director

SEAN ABLEY is a screenwriter, journalist, dramaturg, novelist, and award-winning playwright. He has over thirty plays published by Playscripts, Brooklyn Publishers, Heuer Publishing, Next Stage Press, Stage Partners, Plays to Order, and Eldridge Plays and Musicals with titles like End of the World (With Prom to Follow), The Adventures of Rose Red (Snow White’s Less-Famous Sister), Horror High: The Musical and Two-Faced: A Tragedy…Sort Of. His plays have been developed and performed at the Kennedy Center, Antaeus Theater Company, Goodman Theatre, Celebration Theatre, Write/Act Repertory, Factory Theater, Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre, SkyPilot Theatre Company, Virginia City Players, and academically at the Playwrights Lab at Hollins University and California State University-Stanislaus.

About the Play

ZOMBIE HEARTS NEVER BEAT imagines the aftermath of the zombie uprising, where zombies (heartstoppers) and humans (beaters) live in uneasy harmony. In a truckstop diner in the south that caters to the undead, two zombies find love and happiness…until a government experiment jumpstarts the heart of one of them.

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