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Justin Black, Actor, W1/W3/W4

by Tech Director

Since middle school, I have been in love with the performing arts, acting, specifically. Through middle school and high school I was in several plays sometimes landing leading roles, but I preferred roles as supporting cast. I started to study stage craft for a short while at UVU, after which I found a deep love for improv. Since then, I have mainly been in shows that heavily rely on improv and audience participation. I first worked with a small group who called themselves Myth Weaver’s, going to Renaissance fairs and small events as a troupe to get people more invested in the event. For the past year, I have been working at Evermore Park, both as an actor and puppeteer. I have been working with an Irish accent for my character, and a British accent for my puppets. Last year I was also part of the Hive Theater’s “Enter The Hex” Season 1, which I absolutely did not get enough of. I love the Hive, and want more people to come experience theater there.

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