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Jamie Horan, Playwright, “Before the Morning Rush”

by Dennis Agle

Jamie Horan is an American actor, playwright, and director. Hailing from North Carolina, he currently lives in South Korea where he is heavily involved in the local immigrant theatre community. Many of his plays, including Michael Prince’s Capstone Performance (co-written with Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski) and Fishies, have been featured in Seoul Players’ annual 10-Minute Play Festival as well as Gwangju Performance Project’s Pen in 10. Acting credits include Titus Andronicus (Saturninus), Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick), and The Winter’s Tale (Leontes) for Seoul Shakespeare Company, of which he is also a board member.

About the Play

Set five years after the end of the Vietnam War and one week before the American release of The Empire Strikes Back, Lorraine and her two sons prepare for the family diner’s morning rush. Duane, the older son is smitten with the night nurse who comes in after her shift before he begins hers. Rusty, the younger son and cook does his best to dissuade his older brother, claiming that the woman is too beautiful for him, but receives no help from their mother, Duane’s emotional anchor. When Beth enters, a chain reaction begins that results in redemption, forgiveness, and a blossoming friendship.

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