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Emma Carter, Playwright, “Minding Your Manners in the Death Circle”

by Dennis Agle

Emma Carter is a playwright, actress, and teaching artist currently based in Kansas City, MO. She holds a BFA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Music from Stephens College. She is a member of the Midwest Dramatists, The Dramatists Guild, and her works have been produced in numerous venues around the KC area. Her play Wicked Creatures, a semi-finalist for the National Playwrights Conference 2019, is currently slated for production by The Confluence Theater Company this October at the Living Room Theater. Find copies of her work on the National New Play Network!

About the Play

“Minding Your Manners in the Death Circle” is a distilled dystopian adventure parody, paying homage to two of your favorite young adult book series. In a world broken into four distinct houses, where students must fight to the death to survive, two heroes will risk their lives to reclaim a long lost magic, freeing not only themselves, but the entire world as they know it.

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