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Andrea Fleck Clardy, Playwright, “Hijab”

by Dennis Agle

Andrea Fleck Clardy is a Boston playwright and activist.  Her short plays and monologues have been widely produced. She won the Promising Playwright Award and was a semi-finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Conference, a finalist for the Princess Grace Award, and twice for the Heideman Award. Full lengths include: Hide and Seek with music by Clark Gesner (Hangar Theatre, Ithaca NY), and Job Loss Figures (Colonial Players, Annapolis MD). Andrea is a member of The Dramatists’ Guild, The National Writers’ Union, and New Play Exchange. Her work has been published by Smith and Kraus, Applause, and New World Theatre.

About the Play

One day in a crowded high school cafeteria, the most popular girl in the junior class walks over to a quiet girl in a hijab who always eats her lunch alone and starts a conversation. They have nothing in common except a calculus class and two complicated misunderstandings. But their conversation surprises both of them and they make a connection neither one would have imagined.

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