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Favorite Screenplay (Comedy)

by Tech Director

During the Ten Show’s run a great many films were featured on our show. We’ve selected a few of those films, and the people who worked to create them, to be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. Voting in each of the 7 categories opens at Wednesday, August 5th, at 1 PM and closes Friday, August 7th at 12 PM.

Creating a good comedy requires a great screenplay. Vote for your Favorite Screenplay (Comedy) with your boons, which can be obtained by subscribing here. If you’ve already used your boons for this month, you can obtain more by buying more boons in the boon store.

[8/7/20 UPDATE: Due to technical issues, voting on this poll, which had been scheduled to close at noon today, has been temporarily suspended. Once the technical issues have been sorted out, we will re-open polls for at least a 4-hour period to resume voting. We appreciate your support of the Hive and apologize for the inconvenience.]

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