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“The Rewrite,” a 10-minute play by Lynda Crawford

by Dennis Agle

It’s the afterlife and Medea confronts Euripides, asking for a rewrite of her story. She wants him to change the part about her killing her kids, as she claims she never did and he knew as much. Rip is intrigued, although he defends his right to have taken dramatic license. But even if he wanted to oblige her, he’s not writing anymore. Instead he’s focused on finding his lost work. But Medea is not sympathetic. She still has a mean temper and is not ready to take no for an answer. Her strategies include enlisting the help of Rip’s attendant, an aspiring playwright who never got a shot. And making sure Rip never fulfills his dream.

Written by: Lynda Crawford
Produced by: Jordyn Aspyn
Euripides: Levi Hopkins
Medea: Aubrey Warner
Attendant: Rachel Mecham

Featured play in The Ten Show, by The Hive Collaborative, 2019

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