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Vote For Your Favorite Clan!

by Tech Director

With the upcoming season 3 of Enter the Hex, we are unrolling many more opportunities for the audience, both online and in-house, to influence and affect the show through the Boon System. With that in mind, we will be conducting some tests to help ensure a smooth system, so your participation in this poll will be greatly appreciated. Please subscribe here to receive your boons and vote for your favorite clan!

Also, for those interested in being more involved with the Hive and our projects, we will have a special, limited run of a Founders Patron subscription, which will be available soon!

To vote, first subscribe and then either type in the number of boons you would like to use towards a clan, and press vote or enter. Alternatively, you may use one boon by just pressing the vote button next to the participant of your choice.

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