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ETH Season 3 Quest 2 Voting

by Sierra Crawford

Come vote for your favorite champions of the Hex as they journey through another adventure fraught with peril! Your boons decide who will stay and who will return to help the clans in the land of Throssia. Boons can be used by Champions to obtain magical items that will help them on their journey!

Learn about the five brave Champions from Quest 2:
Andrea of Clan Talam
Dehlia of Clan Aria
Jacquinot of Clan Malthior
Dheg of Clan Kreeg
Chantilly of Clan Veneda

To vote, first subscribe or buy boons and then type in the number of boons you would like to use in the corresponding box and press vote or enter. Voting opens at 6PM January 22nd Throssian Standard Time (MST) and closes at the end of the quest on January 25th at 10:30 PM Throssian Standard Time (MST).

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